Growth and development

Nuode's management methods and experience accumulated over the years are valuable assets of the company, which should be inherited and developed, which is also the responsibility of all levels of directors. Only by inheriting can we develop; Only the accumulation of quantitative change can produce qualitative change. Carrying on the past and opening up the future is the foundation of our prosperity.

 Training and training requirements for successors

The difference between a leader and a model is that he or she should try his or her best to become a leader. Only those who have been promoted and trained successors can become leaders and successors at all levels of the company. One of the most important qualifications for senior and intermediate cadres is whether they can cultivate qualified successors. It is not enough to make ourselves excellent, but also to make our successors better. Leaders who can't train successors should take the initiative to retire in the next term.

 The generation of successors

The successor of Nuode company is a natural leader from the staff and cadres at all levels in the collective struggle. The challenging opportunities in the company's rapid growth, as well as the company's democratic decision-making and collective struggle culture, have created conditions for leaders to stand out. Training, selecting and testing people in practice.
       Be wary of people who can't do things but can deal with things。