Cost control ability 

        Cost is the key factor to win the market competition。
        From the perspective of product value chain, Nord balanced the comprehensive benefits of input and output, and reasonably determined the control strategy。
        The main cost factors of key control include: 1. Design cost; 2. Purchasing cost and outsourcing cost; 3. Labor cost, especially labor waste caused by unreasonable production arrangement; 4. Quality cost, especially maintenance cost caused by product quality and work quality; 5. Inventory cost; In particular, all kinds of factors caused by the dead material and dead material; 6. Waste of period expenses;
        The premise of cost control is to correctly calculate the cost and expense of products and projects。
        The determination of target cost is based on the competitive market price of products。
        Nord put the performance improvement index of cost reduction into the performance appraisal system of each department, linked with the vital interests of department heads and employees, and established a mechanism for each department to consciously reduce costs。