Core values


       Nord pursues to become the industry leader of industrial wiring harness, new energy vehicle power system wiring harness and new energy vehicle high voltage connector; Establish the reputation of excellent company pursuing excellence and continuous improvement!


       Nord provides safe and reliable connection and solution for power and signal transmission. 

Sense of worth:Keep improving, people-oriented, all for satisfaction


        Nord insists: to maintain the R & D, manufacturing products, management and work is the fundamental "excellence" management consciousness, but also our each management criteria; Mainly reflected in: professional focus, innovation, continuous improvement.

People oriented     

        Nord insists: the fundamental to maintain the company, management and employees is the "people-oriented" sense of behavior, which is also the code of conduct for each of us; Mainly reflected in: professional commitment, respect for others, honesty and unity.

All for satisfaction     

         Nord adheres to the interest principle of "understanding the needs of relevant parties and making them satisfied" which is the basis of maintaining the relationship between relevant parties (employees, customers, partners, shareholders and Society). It is also the principle of interest distribution that every one of us should follow, which is mainly reflected in employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, partner satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction and social satisfaction.