Quality assurance capability 

       Superior performance and reliable quality are the key to product competitiveness. Therefore, the whole process of the product we want to make it always under control, full participation in the total quality management, is the company has the ability to continue to provide quality standards and customer satisfaction products.
       Through the implementation of iatf16949 and regular international review, a comprehensive quality management system and quality assurance system have been established. With "design and development" as the core, the product quality can be fully controlled through self-evaluation system audit, process audit, VDA6.3 and product audit.

       The core process of quality management follows APQP process and keeps pace with customers:

       The laboratory has perfect experimental, testing and testing equipment for wiring harness and connector:
        Mechanical performance test: vibration test, impact test, plug force test、
             Environmental performance test: salt spray test, high and low temperature impact, constant temperature and humidity, air tightness, IP68、
             Electrical performance test: contact resistance, insulation withstand voltage, profile analyzer, current carrying, instantaneous break、

       The laboratory has complete test specifications:
        Implement lv214, lv215, LV216, uscar, gb31733 and other wiring harness, automotive industry standards and requirements……